Ariel Dizon Barish

Ariel Barish’s Art Portfolio

Welcome to my painting and printmaking art portfolio website. I hope you enjoy my paintings and prints. You can view my recent shows: p u n c t u m . and Irwin Exhibition and learn more about me. I welcome you to contact me about my work or prints for sale.

Featured Artwork:

  • Painting of a woman playing chess with the hands of death preventing her from seing the light, but nonetheless, she is drawn to the light.
  • Woodblock print of young woman daydreaming during the day.
  • Painting of five version of the same young women with different expressions situated around a dining room table with a another head on a serving plate in the center.
  • Painting of a young women on a bed with coke cans and a priority mail box and another empty box in the foreground.
  • Woodblock print depicting three generations of a family and their shared love of art.
  • Painting showing a young woman, with images of her mother, and great grandmother in a mirror.